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Roof Access Products

Anchor Points

SRA Services can supply and install an Anchorage System for rope access work uniquely designed for your building.

We only provide the highest quality anchors, which are manufactured in Australia to meet all regulations and standards.

They can be surface mounted or used in areas such as concrete and block work, timber trusses and steel purlins, and are manufactured in stainless steel to guarantee longevity.

Each Anchor Point system comes with Industry certification. A User’s Manual & Work Method Booklet will be supplied with each system installed. Our Anchor Points meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4:2000, AS/NZS 5532:2013, and AN/NZS 4488:1997.

SRA Services can also perform annual inspections and load testing of all existing Anchor Point systems in accordance with Australian Standards.

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SRA Services supplies height safety systems tailored to any structure.

Our height safety equipment is safe, affordable, and manufactured to the highest standards.
We can supply & install the following Roof Access & Height Safety Products

Static Lines

This unique surface mount technology provides the flexibility to mount to many roof deck profiles, eliminating the traditional method of additional structure steel requirements. The fail-safe cable locking feature ensures total user confidence when attached to the system.

Rigid Rails

Manufactured with high-grade aluminium and stainless steel components, rigid rails deliver rope access and effective fall protection for commercial and industrial applications. The system gives you complete freedom of movement and is able to support up to 4 users.

Guardrails and Walkways

Our roof access guardrail & walkway systems are manufactured with high-grade aluminium for application on any roof surface, with permanent or fold down options to suit the aesthetic requirements of the building. They are lightweight, non-corrosive & no support battens are required.

Access Hatches

Manufactured as prefabricated units, our access hatches are lightweight, robust, and include internal locking facilities. Units can be custom built to suit.

Rung Ladders

Robust and lightweight, our fixed ladders are robotically welded with high-grade aluminium for precision perfect finishes. These modular ladders provide easy access to rooftops and other elevated areas.

Fold Down Ladders

Incorporating our industry leading suspension system and VISTA soft close technology, the fold down ladder systems open and close safely and smoothly via pneumatic struts for increased user safety. This system takes up less floor space, providing access through the ceiling onto the roof with easier control.

Step Ladders & Bridges

Our step ladders and bridges are 150kg industrial rated for single person use across industrial and commercial applications. Built with anti-slip protection and lightweight aluminium.

Stairs & Platforms

Engineered stair & platform systems built modular, provide onsite flexibility and are lightweight aluminium.

Skylight Protectors

Skylight protectors provide safety and protection from the hazard of falling through a skylight, especially as they become brittle with age.

Signage, Fixings & Hardware

Custom signage options are available for branding or specific instructions, with all signs quality printed to ensure longevity in outdoor conditions.

Our range of high quality fixings are manufactured with high-grade corrosion protected steel to endure harsh conditions and are available ex-stock to support our entire product range.